Friday, March 17, 2006

Forget the sleds, we brought bikes!

Well, I dont think anyone expected a blizard in March. But thats what we got. On what happened to be, coincidentally, the second thursday of the month. So, that cold thursday a brave eight souls gathered at Grandview park and (slowly) set out into the driving storm. It was slippery, it was wet ... and damn was it ever fun. Snowflakes, at one point, the size of your palm. And I thought just because I didn't go snowboarding this year I wasn't going to get to make fresh tracks!

A couple of spills (though nothing major), a number of chills (well - nobody was expecting freak weather like THAT!) Temperatures in the teens in december, freak snowstorms in march... Can you think of a better reason to ride a bike? Oh yeah, because its fun. Well then, there's two good reasons. This week we rode west on the off-broadway route, before crossing to false creek and then over the burrard bridge to downtown. We made a couple of detours for extra gloves, and a few stops to warm up with the medicinal power of hot scotch and hot chocolate, before finishing our ride at Hamburger Mary's for... bacon cheeseburgers. Hey, its 2 am, we'll take what we can get.

Join us next time - Thursday March 23rd - meet at grandview park (commercial drive @ charles st. - across from the Havana and Turks) at 11:45, ride at midnight!

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