Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Midnight in an Undressed World

Well, I've finally got my act together enough to get a post up about last month's raucus and rowdy midnight undie ride - so here we go! Enormous thanks to Rob for contributing photos this week. Check his flickr site out here:

The adventure started at grandview park. Clothes slowly started peeling off, as a few brave souls decided to get the ball rolling (yeah julie and rob!)

The Team Tracksuit was out again in full force - infact, I'm pretty sure their numbers have grown...

After a couple of words with the local cops (they pulled up and observed us from an unmarked car before comming out to see what was going on... "we got about 10 calls that there were 60 people milling around in the park in their underwear...") we hit the road, with downtown as our destination, hoping to thorougly confuse the downtown club crowd.

Then it was on to english bay, for an impromptu beach party in the middle of downtown.

at this point, the residents of one of the taller buildings started signalling to us - in one appartment a bunch of turtle lights popped up and started waving at us - we cheered and waved ours back. Then from one of the top floor appartments someone busted out a flood light:

This of course, inspired even rowdier behaviour...

Eventually, of course the police came and we hit the road. They tailed us for a little while before apparently deciding that maybe there was some real crime taking place somewhere in the city that might possibly require their attention and let us go. We rolled over the burrard street bridge and overwhelmed the staff at seigel's bagels again - REMEMBER KIDS, TIP YOUR OVERWORKED BAGEL MAKER!

From there, a few of us rolled all the way east to Trout Lake, where we arived JUST IN TIME to MISS some fire spinners, who had just finished packing up. alas.

Join us this month for the midnight mass - there are THREE.

We will still be holding the regularly scheduled 2nd/4th thursday rides (Sept 14th & 28th), and there will also be a bonus Midnight Mass on Sept. 21st schedueld to coincide with the Velomutation Bikelove Weekend.

Meet us at grandview park at 11:45, roll at midnight!

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