Sunday, June 17, 2007

Summer Time!

Well, last Thursday's Midnight Mass proved that yes, it is summer time in Vancouver. About forty strong (just a guess, anyone know exactly?), we rode east into the darkness. We had what I believe is 2007's first skinny dipping Mass. Unfortunately, I only snapped a few pictures of the meet up at Grandveiw park, and not the skinny dipping. You have to come to see that! A whole host of beautiful riders and thier speedsters made Vancouver's best midnight rolling party HAATTT!

my bike! tall bike!



midnightsimon said...

skinnydipping! awesome!

Where did you cats head to do do it?

miss you loads KTJ, great to see you posting!

morgman said...

That was at New Brighton. The ride then went to Crab Park, where my sorry, tired self left to get some rest.

Anonymous said...

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erin said...

Hey, I used to go to midnight mass in vancouver, they started a midnight mass here in edmonton, there is one tonight after edmonton CM. We might go to "the end of the world" a cliff that overlooks the north saskatchewan river, and explode many fireworks.