Monday, June 05, 2006

Fountain City Explorers

Well, we started off this week's ride with the idea to maybe ride all the bridges in and out of downtown - but in the end we just went exploring. 33 riders this week came out and braved some light rain here and there - meaning that the rides are now averaging at 60+ wheels.
Meeting up:

Fountain near the QE:

Chillin at the 2nd fountain of the night - richards street where it meets yaletown. We got the hairy eyeball from the security guard, but I think he was confused enough by all the bikes to leave us alone..


Chillin on Grandville Island:

Then on to kits beach - The watermark restaurant might be an expensive and ugly appropriation of our public beach - but by night we had it to ourselves, and the fountain sure looked purdy. (it also provided handy cover from the rain that started up just about then):

Then, finally, out of the rain and on to the Naam for tasty 24 hour eats (apprarently Benny's bagels is no longer 24 hours? This was an unpleasant discovery)

Join us for a ride this june - it's bike month afterall! Rides this month take place on thursday, june 8th and thursday, june 22nd.
Meet us at Grandview Park (commercial drive at charles st.) at 11:45, ride at midnight!

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