Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Rain in June falls mostly on Vancouver

This is a wet city. There's no denying it. Even in june the heavens show a remarkable propensity to open up and let fly with that pattented vancouver brand of liquid sunshine (or in our case - moonshine). Did that stop a brave band of hardcore midnight lunatics from hitting the streets? hell no! (though, it did interfere with the taking of many photos - h20 + electronics = bad news). 12 soggy travellers were either crazy or stupid enough to meet up at grandview park, and rowdy enough to ride all the way to jericho beach, before stopping once more at the 'naam for delicious 2 AM eats. This week, I promise it won't rain. You can hold me to it. really. Until then, here are the phew pieces of photographic evidence that yes, we did indeed go swimming last ride.

These two guys rode all the way in from Lougheed in burnaby. They left us at the 'naam at about 2 AM to go ride home. They are crazier than even us.

Ifny showed us up on her mini bike. Rad pants too.


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