Monday, July 03, 2006

summer makes an entrance

This last ride was perhaps the first on which it has really felt like summer. A solid turnout of around 35 riders, many new faces, and cool, clean, summer air.

We had some bad luck right off the bat when Chris B got a flat at the park - chris and some heroic samaritans stuck it out at the park before managing to catch the pack later at the burrard bridge. Damn those kids ride fast.

Bombing the bridges (check out those killer socks):

Using the community garden (5th & Cypress) to - uh, well, build community actually:

This is just rad:

Still chillin by the gardens - fixie fever here:

I think the poor night guy at the Naam hates us by now. Maybe we should call ahead...

Thanks also to Oker who took a truly fantastic photoset of this ride, including some great ones of us at the beach. (I tried to link some of the photos here, but flickr appears to be resisting me!) You can see his photos here:
Have a look - its worth it!

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