Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Bike Rider's Ball!

If any of you have ever been over to visit the Victorians/Recyclistas, you know this won't be an event to miss. Those cats A) know how to party, B) know how to throw down hospitality, and C) have a beautiful city with tons of great riding. Lots to see and do on this weekend, plus a fun ferry ride with a bunch of mad bikers. The ride in from the ferry is freaking gorgeous too (too bad the trip out on our side is craptastic - Translink, we're looking at you).

Bike Rider's Ball '07
Friday April 27 – Wednesday May 2

FRIDAY the 27th

History Mystery Bike Race
Riders meet at Centennial SQ between 7-8pm, race starts at 8pm. A low level competitive scavenger race through the downtown core where you'll need skill, style and strategy.
Prizes to be won!

The Bike Rider's Ball Art Show
Doors open @ 8:00pm
The Project Arts Community - 614 1/2 Fisgard Street, second floor. Sliding Scale$2-$10
Come check out some local artist work and their deep love for all that rolls on two wheels.

SATURDAY the 28th

East Van Bike Polo................In Victoria?
Come join the East Van Polo kids for an afternoon of mallets and madness. Learn how to make your own mallets, get the rules to the game, and play!
Meet at Topaz Park from 1:oo – 4:00pm
Note: don't bring your most favourite bike.

Bike Prom Ride And Party!!!!
Prom outfit required!
8:00pm Meet at Centennial SQ. Come early for a pre-prom ride to the party location.
10pm Bike Prom @ Recyclistas Community Bike Shop - 25 Crease Ave.
The greatest bike prom of '07. Bicycle dance styles from the hottest bike dancers: The Brakes, The B:C:Clettes and Victoria's Velo Vixens. Live music from Masala, a 14 piece samba style band, and the one and only DJ Ruairi Lazers.

SUNDAY the 29th

Biker Riders Brunch
Party a little too hard last night? Didn't party hard enough.? Come on back to the shop for a pancake breakfast at 11:00am
Not out of bed yet? Freshen up with a ride and a jump into Thetis lake.
Bring your trunks! Ride leaves @ 1:00pm

Go home! Sleep well! Love yer bike!
Check out Fridays art collection at The Project Arts Community.
May 1 & 2 from 5:30 – 8:30pm

Coming to party it up Victoria styles? Need a place to stay? Email bikelabsociety(at)gmail(dot)com if you do. See you at the Prom.

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