Sunday, April 08, 2007

Turning point

Though the second March ride coincided with the vernal equinox, the groundhog of summer seemed to have seen its shadow that day. A hardy and enthusiastic crew of 15 or so riders showed up at Grandview Park in a cold drizzle.

It was decided to head for the downtown core to stir up the Granville strip, and find something to eat while we were there. We commandeered a large portion of Numero Uno Pizza for bike parking, and got our sidewalk drink-slash-people watch on.

Since March was a five-Thursday anomaly, we've been deprived of our midnight ride for longer than usual. In recent weeks, the weather has become noticeably warmer - which will translate to less clothes and more bikes. That said, if you like bikes and bikers, Midnight Mass is the place to be! See you at Grandview Park this Thursday, April 12.

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