Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Dress for Success!

Ok kids, after last weekend's rowdy and glamorous BIKE PROM in victoria I'm still stoked on getting either fancy or rediculous. As such, I declare the next midnight mass (my last with you wonderful lunatics, until next november or so) to be another THEMED RIDE!

What's the theme? DRESSES.

Thats right boys and girls, beg borrow or steal your fanciest, tartiest, mostest crinkly, weddingest, brightest, shortest, most flowingest, most absolutely hideous .... or really, any kind of dress and throw that sucker on!

As usual we'll be meeting at Grandview Park at quarter to twelve (to show off our finery), and rolling at midnight for parts unknown.

Come send me off to europe in silliness & style!

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