Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Thursday Finery

So last thursday two dozen or so derange kids gathered in grandview park to brave the midnight air in nothing but their finery. Midnight Mass' second ever themed right went off with a curtsy and a flash or two of bare legs - rawr!

Here we are meeting up at Grandview Park...

Oh you kids. I'm going to miss you all alot.

From the park we hit the road and cruised southward, enjoying the frigid breeze on your legs. Our destination, Queen Elizabeth Park.

There was more chilllery here, as new and oldschool riders met and chatted.
Eventually, folk peeled off into the night, and a small dedicated crew rocked it way over westward to the Naam.
Our server (same old dude), informed us that we'd come up short last time we visited... BAAAAAAD, KIDS. We love the Naam - they treat us well and put up with us showing up un announced in the middle of the night and in large numbers. Its up to us to make sure that they are well compensated for their effort - that means not just ensuring our bill is paid in full, but leaving a decent tip for their hard work!
We patched things over with Naam man, and hopefully look forward to much midnight goodness in midnights to come.

Thats pretty much it for the dress ride. It was silly good times, and a great last ride for me. I hope y'all come up with a couple of other nutty things do do in my absence.

I've had a few people ask me recently 'who's taking over the mass with you gone?' I'd like to think that nobody is taking it over.. While I certainly feel very attached to MM, having been there since the beginning and showing my ugly mug at virtually every ride, I don't believe MM is mine to hand off to anyone. The mass, as I have said before is a name and an idea, but most importantly it is YOU; Midnight Mass is the group of riders who show up on any given thursday to mash their pedals in the dark. Some of you are new to it and some of you have been coming for over a year - as long as y'all keep showing up and having fun then Midnight Mass hasn't changed a bit. I've tapped a few people with long time riding experince to take over basic web administration, but as far as the ride goes it belongs to those of you who show up, as I hope it always has.

Have a fun summer kids, I'm jealous.

(for more dressed for success recap, check out chris the biking penguin's bizznass: www.picasaweb.google.com/bikingpenguin // www.bikingpenguin.blogspot.com )


kati j said...
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Anonymous said...

hey simone (see-moan-ay)....
sorry i missed it out for your last night. cam told me you were off to bike the world.
be safe, have a blast and i'll be joining midnight mass this summer...