Monday, August 21, 2006

A call for planners, dreamers, ideas, volunteers, and more...

Hello good bikers!

Planning is just beginning for a
Bike Building Event
in October. (Date proposed Oct 20, 21, 22.)

The vision so far includes chopper building, regular bike building, and other bike-related workshops.
Also potentially featuring a dance party at warehouse/studio space and rumours of food provided for the weekend.
Probable location PedalPlay and Depot spaces, plus Simon's place.
Satellite workshops also possible if someone(s) wants to make it happen.

NEXT MEETING is for other people who want to come to create a RAD weekend event where we work, learn, inspire, come together as different biking organizations, and hep this community GROW and be healthy.

We are meeting on THURSDAY Aug 24th at 7pm at Jane and RusL's place on South Main - for the adress please email midnightsimon))AT((
PotLuck if you can.

Aug 24 meeting is for people who are interested in producing this event
in some form or another, this also means helping to define the event - what kind of activities/workshops/events would you like to see? Come contribute! Bike Movies? Bike Stencils? Bike Button making? Bike crafts? why not - think you have an idea that would work, or want to organize a workshop or activity bring it with you!

So far, emphasis is on:
-bikes, building, fixing, learning how to do all of the above (freak, regular, mini, whatever... ifny has a bunch of bikes to donate!)
-peer education... lots of people with knowledge to share, people who want to learn
-community created event - a chance to network and make the community tighter
-accessible, for people who cannot afford it and for those who can
-safe, inclusive, tolerant, welcoming to all.

So far there has only been one discussion about getting this project off the ground, (basically, to say 'hey - lets schedule an event for october!), so if this sounds like something fun to you, come join us and help get the ball rolling! Both the essential focus of the event and the activities that would take place are still yet to be defined, so come out if you want to be involved in this aspect.

Also come out if you have ideas for workshops or events, skills that you think you could contribute to the event, or anything else that you think would be helpful that you would like to contribute!

The meeting takes place on this thursday, before Midnight Mass. Remeber, this week's ride is UNDERWEAR THEMED, so come on out and ride in your skivvies!

Recap of last ride to come tomorrow - over and out.

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