Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Mini bike revolution!

Hey there minibikelovers!

Looking for another way to get your mini on? Planning is now underway for Friday, September 22nd's unveiling of the first ever Alley Kitten challenge!

That's right, an Alley Cat on mini bikes. You better freakin' believe it!

Want details? http://alley-kitten.blogspot.com All you need to race for the taste...

This event is a part of the Vancouver Velomutation weekend of bikelove - four days of bike culture, bike parties, and bikelove. Check the website for more details.

In other news, the first ever Midnight Undie ride was a smashing success with approximately 80 riders, a good 70% or so of them in their skivvies!

I'm rather desperate for photos of the ride, however, so if you've got some pass them on and we'll see if we can get them online here! Hit me up at midnightsimon))at((gmail.com if you've got anything you'd like to share. Until then, see you on the road!

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