Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bike Light Hackery & Minibike Madness

It might be getting darker later and later, but the night time is still always the right time for midnight massers. Tomorrow, PedalPlay will be hosting a workshop on bike light hackery - how to chop, solder, and build your own bike lights. Sounds pretty boss to me, and a great way to make your night ride that much sexier. Check out this communique from Jim of Pedal Play for more details:

Pedal Play Presents
Bike Light Hack Workshop

Take a standard white LED bicycle headlight and modify it for fun.
Change the colour of the LEDs. Attach them to your bike bag, your
helmet, a hat or to a part of your bicycle. You will learn basic
soldering skills, as well as rudimentary electronic principles. No
experience necessary, but be prepared for fine detail work with small
hand tools.

Taught by Ian Patterson

Everyone welcome!

$1O plus materials(around $6.50)

Thursday Mar 29
7 pm til 9pm
194 w3rd (alley Entrance)
604 875 8679

Mini Bike Army at Critical Mass

Mini bike troops gather at Critical Mass on Friday March 30 in vancouver. ride together. bring noise makers. be prepared for foolishness. we're not traffic, we're spectacle!


Ana said...

hmm, do you know if the lights workshop was a one-time thing? I missed but would love to attend if there's another one at some point.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if anyone knows where to buy mini bike aftermarket lights?