Monday, March 05, 2007

Burnaby Redux

Well, last week we decided to rock it East again - for only the third or fourth time ever. On our trip to portland a couple of people noticed how the Zoobomber's 'Legoland' playground had some similarities to the playground we had once visited out in Central Park. It was a nice night so we decided to pack it in for the haul and roll east to play.

Marlo shows off her new fixie..

on the road..

When we got to the playground, however, to our dismay we found that the tree house and series of connecting walkways we remebered from last fall:


Theories on the missing architecture abounded, but the best one I heard was that the badass windstorms this winter destroyed a bunch of trees in the park and possibly took out the fort too. Lame.

Fortunately the ever popular ROLLERSLIDE wasn't gone.

Some nearby trees also attracted attention - After some deliberation, Nag Mike decided to try and get his bike up there...

There was the usual hangouts and madness,

before we rode on looking for food. Someone said 'Pancakes' and it was on. 24 hour pancakes, watch out, the midnight mass is comming.

Turned out the 24 hour joint in question was Binos.
Yes, Binos - that 'family diner' with the dirty off beige and brown sign that was an object of ridecule and derision to all of us as teenagers. Heh, Binos. Anyhow, turns out they actually make and sell food there (think Denny's, if Denny's with the Ghetto factor cranked all they way to 11)

You wouldn't believe me about the menu if I didn't show you:

More chillin and illin, pancakes, sausages, and tea.

And what would drunken 3am breakfast be without some hot girl-on-girl action?

Our server was pretty tollerant considering he was dealing with a sudden mass of 25 or so drunken and rowdy dirty bikers rolling in and packing the joint. He had us all written down by description - 'grey hat & glasses', ect.

Eventually we filled up on hashbrowns and other greasy breakfast substances and trickled out into the world and off to our respective homes.

The next ride is THIS THURSDAY - MARCH 8th. Come ride with us!

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Mike said...

jesus christ, i miss vancouver.