Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Alley Kitten Update

January 16, 2007

Race day is less than a week away, and Drill Sgt.s KTJ and Midnightsimon have been hard at work putting together a gruelling course that you little runts are LUCKY to have the PRIVILEDGE of racing. Should any of you manage to mewl your way through our training, YOU WILL EARN the right to hold your head high and walk as one of THE FEW, THE PROUD, THE MINI BIKE ARMY.

You will be expected conduct classified espionage missions. Be ready.
You will compete not just for the glory of first prize, and the honour of being bessed dressed, but also for six packs provided as a SPECIAL PRIZE for the winner of a stage of this race, provided by our allies at PROJECT B

There will be an international contingent coming from portland to throw down in this competition, so bring your A-game, kittens - Canada's reputation is on the line. PDX took second place last race, and they're no doubt hungry for the dead-sexy TROPHY and CASH PRIZE being offered in this race. Lets look alive soldiers. They're bringing a film crew with them, this is your time to earn eternal glory.

Victory Sqare. Saturday February 3rd. 17:30 hours. 18" wheels or smaller. Race for glory.

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morgman said...

That's right bitchez, Project-B beer prime. Bring your game face.