Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Raising of Funds

Fellow denizens of the midnight wolrd!

With the Alley Kitten fast approaching, we need your help! This time around, we'd like to use the $5 alley kitten registration fee primarily to create a CASH PRIZE for the race winner. Awesome? Yes, we know! But what that means is we're going to need a little extra dough on the side to make this race happen (alls thems free shots, and goofy/grueling checkpoint activities cost cash money, yo!)


We're pumpin' out some Midnight Mass Swag as a fundraiser!

HOT limited edition Midnight Mass 1" and 1.5" buttons (produced by Chris of this is plan B are now available by donation ($1 minimum, eh). We win, you win - what could be better, right? Impress all the pretty ladies and sexy boys. doooooo itttttttt.

Wanna get one? Track down KTJ or myself - we're usually packin'...

See you on the street.

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