Thursday, January 04, 2007


Midnight Mass is the place to meet awesome bikers outside of the web, but what about online?

Come check out to chat and mingle with fellow cyclists from all over the city. Want to organize a bike ride? Post about it and get people to join you! Or talk about how the last ride went and share some of your pictures.

Despite the name it isn't just for fixie riders - all bikers (of the pedal variety) are welcome.


Queer As Moi said...

Okay, problem. I tried to register with this site as queerasmoi, and it said my username is prohibited. I use this name all over the net in a witty, reclaimed way. Can the admins turn of censorship of usernames or at least take "queer" out of the list of bad words??

midnightsimon said...

Done and done apparently!

morgman said...

fixedvancouver is misspelled in the post title :P