Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Feb. 3rd - OPERATION: MEOW - A Mini Bike Race!

So check this out:
Midnight Simon and Kati J are at it again with:If you don't feel like getting taken through boot camp, then volunteer! just contact us through the website.

This race will have a military theme. This race will have a Cash Grand Prize. This race will have a prize for 'best dressed' (bike &/or rider - interpret this yourself). This race will end at Saturday night's BIKES INSIDE party (do. not. miss. this. party.)

This race will blow your miniloving minds.


(WHAT IS AN ALLEY KITTEN? Click HERE for more details)


(edit - oops! kati, I didn't see that you'd just posted about this! I've merged our posts! -midnightsimon)

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Vicki said...

Well said.