Thursday, March 30, 2006

Tour de East Van

Actually, this week was more like the tour de le lower east side... There's lots of east van yet to explore. The weather held (despite a very light sprinkling of rain, it was rediculously warm) and there were lots of new faces out this week. Hope to see some more of you kids next time!

Here we have the kids posseing up at Grandview park (meet at 11:45, rollin' at midnight). This week's turnout was about 15 cyclesomniacs.

Emiliano scopes out Katie's sweet cushy seat cover.

We rode north and east towards New Brighton park, and then took to the trees...

The exact location of this oh so sweet tree fort remains secret, and ascention is not for the faint of heart..

But for the crazy kids who came out this week, it was more than worth it:

Upon leaving the treefort, we realized we'd picked up some new riders:

First ever tandem at a midnight ride! We've still never had a chopper or tallbike yet.

Of course, we stopped for delicious and revitalizing hot scotch...

Back on the mean streets, we made our way SouthWest.

Past the PNE

To this week's 24 hour final destination, Pizza Garden (curse you, uncle fatty- curse you for not being open at 2 am!! WHAT IS THIS CITY COMMING TO?!)

The next ride is Thursday April 13th, so book some time off work, tune up your wheels, and tell your friends; then get your ass to the midnight mass! Meet us at Grandview Park at 11:45, roll with us at midnight!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Midnight Mass Video

I cooked this up from various bits of footage I shot on my camera during rides - pass it on to anyone who has been humming and hawing about comming out, and show them what they're missing..

to view the video larger, or to obtain a permanent link to it, cut and paste this link into your browser:

Remember, next ride is Thursday April 13th

Friday, March 17, 2006

Forget the sleds, we brought bikes!

Well, I dont think anyone expected a blizard in March. But thats what we got. On what happened to be, coincidentally, the second thursday of the month. So, that cold thursday a brave eight souls gathered at Grandview park and (slowly) set out into the driving storm. It was slippery, it was wet ... and damn was it ever fun. Snowflakes, at one point, the size of your palm. And I thought just because I didn't go snowboarding this year I wasn't going to get to make fresh tracks!

A couple of spills (though nothing major), a number of chills (well - nobody was expecting freak weather like THAT!) Temperatures in the teens in december, freak snowstorms in march... Can you think of a better reason to ride a bike? Oh yeah, because its fun. Well then, there's two good reasons. This week we rode west on the off-broadway route, before crossing to false creek and then over the burrard bridge to downtown. We made a couple of detours for extra gloves, and a few stops to warm up with the medicinal power of hot scotch and hot chocolate, before finishing our ride at Hamburger Mary's for... bacon cheeseburgers. Hey, its 2 am, we'll take what we can get.

Join us next time - Thursday March 23rd - meet at grandview park (commercial drive @ charles st. - across from the Havana and Turks) at 11:45, ride at midnight!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Midnight Mass details move to Blogger

Hey kids,

I've decided to start using blogger as a central website to spread info about the midnight rides, host photos, and allow comments and contact. Flickr is a pretty good site, and I'll keep the older photos there, but it was somewhat limited in what it allowed me (and you) to do. I'm hoping the more interactive and textual aspects of Blogger will help the rides grow. Anyhow, photos from previous rides remain up at Flickr

Hopefully, I'll be able to get some pictures up here from last nights crazy (snowy!) ride soon (I hate having to borrow cameras!)