Saturday, April 22, 2006

Jericho, lo los, and Tallbikes

Despite a rather soggy showing by the weather (aaaah, vancouver), an impressive 16 riders showed up to mash pedals in the darkness this week.

Included in this crop of fearless and weatherproof adventurers, two new cycle varieties! Now, in addition to mountain bikes, 10(&+) speed road bikes, fixies, cruisers, BMXs, and Tandem bikes, we proudly add: Low Riders and Tall bikes!

Our ride took us Westward, where we sheltered under the old Expo Gazebo next to Science World.

From here we rallied and faced the elements again, pushing westward, westward, westward to Jericho beach (alas, my camera acting up again, refused to cooperate for this leg of the journy). Impressively, both Tall bike and Low Rider kept pace with everyone else to make it to the Jericho concession stand, where refreshements were consumed.

The next, and final destination was the 24 hour west side vegetarian institution, The Naam, where we finished for burgers, chilli, nachos, dryness, and good company-

Hit us up next time, Thursday, April 27 - We meet at Grandview Park (Commercial Drive @ Charles St. - accross from the Havana and Turks) at 11:45, roll at midnight.