Thursday, November 09, 2006

late posts abound

I'm sorry about the lack of content lately - I've been taking a bit of an internet vacation since the bike bee, but I'm back and ready for more action. For starters, here are the photos from our first ride of October. This was one of our most adventureous rides yet - all the way out to exotic BURNABY!

Meeting up:

Then off to the great Eastern Climes of Burnaby...

Unlike most MM rides, where we ride for a while, then stop and hang out and socialize before riding & repeating the process multiple times, this ride we booked it all the way to Central Park in one go. Then upon arriving in a well concealed playground, we partied!

Oh yeah, did I mention the Rollerslide? (yes, the rollerslide....)

Damn that was a fun ride.

Unfortunately, no photos of October's second ride survived, as my camera was recently stolen. You'll all just have to imagine how wonderful it was in your heads!


You can come out tonight and ride with us! 11:45 at Grandview Park, Rolling at Midnight. See Y'all there.


TAKE NOTE! The SECOND MIDNIGHT MASS of November will be MM's ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY. Come ride with us and celebrate!