Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Fast Night this Thursday, Feb. 1st

Fast Nights are Midnight Mass's evil twin... We meet at the same spot, Grandview park, but at 10pm. The rules of Fast Night are simple... Come if you can keep up. If you cant keep up, we usually follow a skytrain route to get your tired ass home. Bring water, tubes and a pump. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Alley Kitten Update

January 16, 2007

Race day is less than a week away, and Drill Sgt.s KTJ and Midnightsimon have been hard at work putting together a gruelling course that you little runts are LUCKY to have the PRIVILEDGE of racing. Should any of you manage to mewl your way through our training, YOU WILL EARN the right to hold your head high and walk as one of THE FEW, THE PROUD, THE MINI BIKE ARMY.

You will be expected conduct classified espionage missions. Be ready.
You will compete not just for the glory of first prize, and the honour of being bessed dressed, but also for six packs provided as a SPECIAL PRIZE for the winner of a stage of this race, provided by our allies at PROJECT B

There will be an international contingent coming from portland to throw down in this competition, so bring your A-game, kittens - Canada's reputation is on the line. PDX took second place last race, and they're no doubt hungry for the dead-sexy TROPHY and CASH PRIZE being offered in this race. Lets look alive soldiers. They're bringing a film crew with them, this is your time to earn eternal glory.

Victory Sqare. Saturday February 3rd. 17:30 hours. 18" wheels or smaller. Race for glory.

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Monday, January 22, 2007

What's a little ice between friends?

Last week's ride proved that MM riders are hardcore.
Hardcore because they showed up to ride when it was -10 out before the windchill.

Hardcore also because those who did show up were frozen solid right to the core, and, unfortunately, will likely never completely thaw out.

After meeting up in the park and freezing our respective bits off, we decided it was time to get moving to get the blood a flowin'. There was some discussion of taking the ride down to the fraser river, but it was decided to be far too cold for anything that ambitious and so we settled on missioning to the Langara Golf Course up at 49th and Ontario.
Along the way we had our first casualties - KTJ and Tim fell back due to insufficient warming gear. Midnight mass is awesome - but its not so awesome that its worth frostbite. Alas.

On to the golf course we rode, in hight spirits despite the biting cold.

I was wearing full fingered gloves, but it wasn't enough. note my stylish sock hands.

We arrived at the golf course, hopped the fence, and crunched around in the snow and enjoyed some hot drinks to revitalize our spirits and thaw our frozen internal organs.

By this point, even those of us with two pairs of socks on were beginning to grumble about how we'd like to keep our toes (if for nothing more than sentimental attachment), and so we packed up and rolled to Fraser and 49th where we'd been tipped off about a new 24 hour joint.

Hot cider, hot chocolate, and tasty eats. The perfect cure.

Thats it for the last ride - but be sure to come out and ride with us again this thursday January 25th - meet at 11:45, roll at midnight!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Raising of Funds

Fellow denizens of the midnight wolrd!

With the Alley Kitten fast approaching, we need your help! This time around, we'd like to use the $5 alley kitten registration fee primarily to create a CASH PRIZE for the race winner. Awesome? Yes, we know! But what that means is we're going to need a little extra dough on the side to make this race happen (alls thems free shots, and goofy/grueling checkpoint activities cost cash money, yo!)


We're pumpin' out some Midnight Mass Swag as a fundraiser!

HOT limited edition Midnight Mass 1" and 1.5" buttons (produced by Chris of this is plan B are now available by donation ($1 minimum, eh). We win, you win - what could be better, right? Impress all the pretty ladies and sexy boys. doooooo itttttttt.

Wanna get one? Track down KTJ or myself - we're usually packin'...

See you on the street.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Feb. 3rd - OPERATION: MEOW - A Mini Bike Race!

So check this out:
Midnight Simon and Kati J are at it again with:If you don't feel like getting taken through boot camp, then volunteer! just contact us through the website.

This race will have a military theme. This race will have a Cash Grand Prize. This race will have a prize for 'best dressed' (bike &/or rider - interpret this yourself). This race will end at Saturday night's BIKES INSIDE party (do. not. miss. this. party.)

This race will blow your miniloving minds.


(WHAT IS AN ALLEY KITTEN? Click HERE for more details)


(edit - oops! kati, I didn't see that you'd just posted about this! I've merged our posts! -midnightsimon)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bikelove 2006

Well kids, its been a great year. Thanks to all of you for the bikelove and the good times!!

Friday, January 05, 2007

The Classic Crawl

Allright, so I've finally got myself together enough to recap our latest adventure!

A solid 20-25 riders showed up for the last mass of 2006; a good turnout considering how many people were out of town or put off by the cold weather! Seeing as we were saying goodbye to a good year, we took it upon ourselves to do a bit of a tour of some classic Midnight Mass locales.

Thanks also this week for photographic contributions from Josh Young, who runs his own photoblog. I've included some of his pictures here, but to see the whole set from our ride, be sure to check out his blog: http://babymonster.photoblog.com/user/babymonster/2006/12/28/

Morgan of Project B showed up (though not to ride with us) on his crazy stunt trike. WTF! We expect to see mastery of some good tricks soon Morgan.

From the park we hit the road and cruised southwest...

(this one & her friend came all the way from Edmonton just to ride MM! well... okay, they came all the way from Edmonton and they rode MM - whether or not we were the focus of the trip might be debatable...)

our destination: the super-secret DATE TREE. One of vancouver's oldest and best climbing tree, it features a spectacular view of the city, as well as a couple of SWING SEATS up at the top. Where is it you ask? I guess you'll just have to befriend a midnight masser...

(the view from above)

We kicked it at the tree for a while...

Before heading out to that old classic MM haunt, the Crescent... AKA, the GhettoDrome

Again, we kicked it...

A few drinks were drunk, races raced, new friends made.

And then we booked it westward once more, to the cold cold shores of Jerchio beach. Along the way, we had only one minor misshap... (don't ask me how this happened.)

At the beach, we chilled for a while (literally), and huddled for warmth.

It wasn't long before someone suggested we book it to a nearby place that could supply warmth and or food in some pleasing combination, and, taking our location into account, it was pretty obivious we hit up our oldschool feedlot, the Naam.
Skyalar attempted to push us father west... but was outvoted by frozen toes.

Moreover, our good and faithful server seemed to be in high spirits, and not the least put off by our 2 am ambush - they must be getting used to us by now (or we are tipping well enough.. remember kids, tip your midnight food and beverage purveyors well, for they are the glue that hold us together! or at least they've got a monopoly on the sutff...)

Well, that's it for last week's ride. Nick Cee gave me a headsup on a new 24 hour joint we can hit up next week, which I'll suggest as a direction to ride when we get to the park. All y'all keep your brains workin' and show up with some suggestions too. Until then, ride hard and don't let the weather get you down!


BIKE POLO IS TOMORROW 12/1pm start time at the Grandview Park tenis courts. Alas, I shan't be there this week (still getting back on schedule after les holidays), but everyone else will. be there, bring yo' bike.

I've edited and updated the links on the right hand sidebar - included is now a link to a YouTube Playlist of midnight mass vidoes! Click Here to see 'em.

If you have a link that you think is relevant (blogging bikers? rides? gangs? ect..) and would like to be added, hit us up with it!