Monday, November 05, 2007

Midnight Mass THIS WEEK

All right you sexy bike boys and girls.

Fall has fallen, and it's unmistakably crisp out there - but that ain't no reason to put the wheels away. Infact, it's all the MORE reason to find a pack and get out there for a midnight social!

So why not get on your steed and come warm yourself up with us? Grandview Park, 11:45, this THURSDAY NOVEMBER 8TH!

Bring - lights, gloves, ideas on where YOU would like to ride, friends, and an appetite for fun, and maybe something tasty & warm to drink (I know I will).

Find out more at

AND - the NEXT mass, (THURSDAY NOV. 22) will be the two year anniversary of Midnight Mass. A small army of organ grinding monkeys is in conference RIGHT NOW planning for that one - so be ready!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Yo Kids

Hey cats, shoutin to you all the way over here from Marseille!

Came across this as I was uploading videos to youtube and was reminded of just how rad Vancouver is - mostly because of all of you!

Thinkin' of you wonderful jerks every second kilometer or so!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

It's Official

Summer is here. Lots of people out riding their bikes and, I would hope, spending less time indoors. Midnight is officially the best time to be riding these days, as evidenced by the number of bikers at Grandview Park. I'd estimate 35-40 - a good mix of new and old faces - just the way we like it!

We decided first to hit up one of the classic Midnight Mass spots: the graveyard on Fraser. From there it was up to the top of Vancouver at Queen Elizabeth Park and, after a dark and fast exit, to Duffin's on Knight for donuts. Looking forward to the next ride; hope to see you at Grandview on August 9th!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

ROUGE ET NOIR, a Bicycle Cabaret

Our friends the B:C:Clettes are putting on a fundraiser next weekend for their upcoming West Coast tour. These girls work hard to entertain us, so get out there and support your crew!

Imagine a dark, hidden, back room glowing with the light of candles, filled with beautiful people talking philosophy and flirting shamelessly... imagine a show that combines comedy, song, dance, poetry, theatre, irresistable ladies, handsome gentlemen, and others uncategorized... imagine hundreds of bikes parked outside.

The B:C:Clettes present an elaborate Cabaret to meet your posh appetites:
*ROUGE ET NOIR, a Bicycle Cabaret
* A fundraiser for their August 2007 west coast tour, bringing Vancouver's
bike love all the way to L.A. and back!

July 12, 13 and 14th
@ The Western Front (303 East 8th Avenue @ Scotia)
Dress to impress in your most respledent attire.
Doors at 7pm, Show at 8pm.

The Cabaret will feature local acts, divas, opera singers, bicycles and those lovely ladies in black and red: The B:C:Clettes.

+++*Sidria: *sultry torch singer who will leave you breathless
+++*BYO Cabaret:* pushing your buttons and then unbuttoning them
+++*the Creaking Planks:* the iPod of 1906 plays demented nautical circus orchestration
+++*Fossilosopher:* elder bikepunk spinning wheel words of wisdom
+++*the fabulous B:C:Clettes*: bicycle showgirls, old favorites plus three new numbers.

Tickets: Thursday $8, Friday and Saturday $15
Advance Tickets Available at:
Spartacus (319 West Hastings @ Cambie)
Our Community Bikes (3283 Main Street @ 17th Avenue)
People's Co-op Books (1391 Commercial Drive, between Charles and Kitchener)

More info: or

*If you would like to volunteer, please contact the clettes at

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Summer Time!

Well, last Thursday's Midnight Mass proved that yes, it is summer time in Vancouver. About forty strong (just a guess, anyone know exactly?), we rode east into the darkness. We had what I believe is 2007's first skinny dipping Mass. Unfortunately, I only snapped a few pictures of the meet up at Grandveiw park, and not the skinny dipping. You have to come to see that! A whole host of beautiful riders and thier speedsters made Vancouver's best midnight rolling party HAATTT!

my bike! tall bike!


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

BiKarnival - this Friday

There is no Midnight Mass this week, as it's just the first Thursday of the month. However, there is still an awesome ride happening: BiKarnival on Friday. Sure to be a blast!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sprung Out

The weather's getting warmer; all the pretty people on the roads and sidewalks are distracting our "spring has sprung" thoughts. If you are one of those distracting types, come out for a ride. What better way to hone your bike handling skills and practice your Blue Steel looks than by coming out for a Midnight ride? Everybody likes riding at Midnight - guaranteed fun, in the sunless skies and empty streets.

Here's a copy of the online flyer. Feel free to blog it or send it on via other means.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Allright y'all kickball BBQ is on for tomorrow! 6:30 at Trout Lake! Here's da map:

At 6:30 the B King and BBQing shall begin - see you there!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Thursday Finery

So last thursday two dozen or so derange kids gathered in grandview park to brave the midnight air in nothing but their finery. Midnight Mass' second ever themed right went off with a curtsy and a flash or two of bare legs - rawr!

Here we are meeting up at Grandview Park...

Oh you kids. I'm going to miss you all alot.

From the park we hit the road and cruised southward, enjoying the frigid breeze on your legs. Our destination, Queen Elizabeth Park.

There was more chilllery here, as new and oldschool riders met and chatted.
Eventually, folk peeled off into the night, and a small dedicated crew rocked it way over westward to the Naam.
Our server (same old dude), informed us that we'd come up short last time we visited... BAAAAAAD, KIDS. We love the Naam - they treat us well and put up with us showing up un announced in the middle of the night and in large numbers. Its up to us to make sure that they are well compensated for their effort - that means not just ensuring our bill is paid in full, but leaving a decent tip for their hard work!
We patched things over with Naam man, and hopefully look forward to much midnight goodness in midnights to come.

Thats pretty much it for the dress ride. It was silly good times, and a great last ride for me. I hope y'all come up with a couple of other nutty things do do in my absence.

I've had a few people ask me recently 'who's taking over the mass with you gone?' I'd like to think that nobody is taking it over.. While I certainly feel very attached to MM, having been there since the beginning and showing my ugly mug at virtually every ride, I don't believe MM is mine to hand off to anyone. The mass, as I have said before is a name and an idea, but most importantly it is YOU; Midnight Mass is the group of riders who show up on any given thursday to mash their pedals in the dark. Some of you are new to it and some of you have been coming for over a year - as long as y'all keep showing up and having fun then Midnight Mass hasn't changed a bit. I've tapped a few people with long time riding experince to take over basic web administration, but as far as the ride goes it belongs to those of you who show up, as I hope it always has.

Have a fun summer kids, I'm jealous.

(for more dressed for success recap, check out chris the biking penguin's bizznass: // )

Monday, May 14, 2007

Fixed Vancouver

Looks like the fixed vancouver message board is back in action. THANKS JOE.

Stay tuned for photos from DRESSED FOR SUCCESS. (My camera bateries are still charging)

Oh yeah - I'm off in a week. Come out and drink beer and play california kickball and BBQ with me this friday! Deets at

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Dress for Success!

Ok kids, after last weekend's rowdy and glamorous BIKE PROM in victoria I'm still stoked on getting either fancy or rediculous. As such, I declare the next midnight mass (my last with you wonderful lunatics, until next november or so) to be another THEMED RIDE!

What's the theme? DRESSES.

Thats right boys and girls, beg borrow or steal your fanciest, tartiest, mostest crinkly, weddingest, brightest, shortest, most flowingest, most absolutely hideous .... or really, any kind of dress and throw that sucker on!

As usual we'll be meeting at Grandview Park at quarter to twelve (to show off our finery), and rolling at midnight for parts unknown.

Come send me off to europe in silliness & style!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Do you speak Finnish?

'Cause we're getting a hell of a lot of traffic from this Finnish bike messenger forum, and I'd love to know why! (Hey Finland, how's it going?)

Its actually pretty rad that Helsinki has its own bike messengers' association.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Pier to Pier

Last week's ride was one of the warmest and nicest of 2007! A decent crowd of 25 to 30 bikelovers turned up at Grandview Park to ride, and after a short discussion, we concluded that the balmy weather should be celebrated with a visit to the sea.

Our first destination (a place I only discovered a couple of weeks ago on the MC3 ride, despite having lived in this city my whole life) was the Crab Park Pier..

We then cruised into the downtown core and over the Burrard bridge heading beachward. Somewhere along Cornwall a lone rider zipped by in the other direction. "Hey Fixie!" we called out to him... a few minutes later he caught up to us, curious about what the hell we were doing - we filled him in on the joys of midnight mass. "I'm not really here to stick around, just on my way home" - an hour and a half later, sitting down to food he was still on board.

After some debate at the Jericho parkinglot, it was decided that the night was too nice to just huddle by the jericho concession, and we soldiered a little farther west towards the Jericho Pier.

Finally we rolled back to our old haunt, the Naam for tasty midnight eats and company. As usual they were super accomodating, considering we rolled in unannounced with 20 or so people at 2 am.

All in all, a great ride with lots of oldschool riders and a few new faces (including Jesse of OCB and a girl on a cyclocross race bike!)

Our next ride is Thursday April 26th, so start thinking of where you'd like to roll to.

Also, if you don't already have plans this saturday and sunday (or if you do, break 'em, cause you dont want to miss this), East Van Bike Polo brings you Vancouver's first ever International Urban Bike Polo Tournament: Last Riders of the APoloclypse!

The fun starts at noon, and look out for DJs, BBQ, and EIGHT different teams up from the US to play, as well as east van's own out for blood & glory! The event will also be held in conjunction with the fixed gear Summer Series' second event - T.R.A.C.K., a game of trackstand horse. Prepare to be amazed by some sizzling tricks as local fixie kids pull out all the stops to try and prove they are the chosen one.

Thats it for now.. See y'all on the streets.