Thursday, November 27, 2008

Still we ride!

Yes, yes, its true - we rarely update this blog any more. But we're still out there hitting the streets twice a month, regular as clockwork. If its your first time here, take some time to browse back through Midnight Mass' history (we're three years old this month!) We'll be leaving this blog standing as a record of good times we've had.

But if you want to ride with us, the real action has gone off the nets and on the streets. We still meet twice monthly, on the second and fourth Thursday of the month at Grandview Park (Commercial drive between William and Charles st.) Meet at 11:45, roll at midnight. Bring your lights, your friends, your exploratory attitude and something warm to drink... see you there!

(Credit - thanks to Morgan Taylor of Project B for the wicked photos!)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Velomutation 2008!

Vancouver's biggest and best annual bike party is coming up, next saturday, september 20th. Velomutation 2008! Featuring bands, djs, dancing, performances from your favorite bicycle dance crews, and much bike mayhem!

check out for more details!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Get the tax man off your bike!

Liberal MP Shawn Murphy of Charlottetown has recently introduced a private member's bill to Parliament to eliminate GST from the sale of bicycles.

Opinions on the Liberal party, parliamentary democracy, and the effectiveness of private members' bills aside, take a moment to email (or write - they still take letters more seriously) your MP and express support for this initiative. Not only will it help to promote cycling as a viable from of transportation, but it might just save YOU some money!

The VACC has a great press release here:

So get typing, and get the tax man off your bike!

Oh yeah, PS, Midnight Mass this thursday - I won't be there (gotta work) but you should be!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Spring has sprung - and for Vancouver bikelovers, that means its once again time for the BIKE BIKE BIKE party!

Lots of goodies on throughout the day, including polo tourney, minibike mayhem, and bbq action at strathcona park, and the main event - a funky sweaty dance party - at the Chair Factory (hastings/commercial area). Check out for full details!

In other news, we ride this week! Come meet up at Grandview Park at 11:45 this thursday, may 8th for midnight adventure!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Silent Times

Yes - we're still riding!

There has been a dearth of posts here on the MM website of late, but don't let that fool you - we're still rolling on two wheels and in the dark every SECOND and FOURTH thursday of the month.

Last ride, we took a small posse out to the top-secret east van tree fort, and finished for late night wonton soup. Where will we ride this week? Its up to you! Come ride with us Tomorrow - Thursday, March 27th - meet at Grandview Park, ride at Midnight.


Thursday April 24th - the Midnight Mass Cherry Blossom Ride!

Vancouver is currently in the middle of it's annual Cherry Blossom Festival. While we've got nothing official to do with the festival, like most Vancouverites, we love the blossoms! Come out and ride with us for a midnight promenade to some of the city's best blossom sites. Better yet, come join up and lead us to YOUR favorite spot to take in Vancouver's character defining flora. Tell your friends, and come roll with us!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Winter Blues

Well, the daytime downpour last thursday put a damper on attendance last week and it was one of the smaller groups we've seen in a little while at Mass - a group of 10 or so harcores came out to brave the night.

Fortunately, the rain cleared up at about 11:30 and we all turned out to be a little OVER dressed!

A few new faces out to share hot scotch and camraderie on a cold night.

The next ride is slated for next thursday, January 24th, the day before Critical Mass. See y'all there!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Midnight Mass THIS WEEK

All right you sexy bike boys and girls.

Fall has fallen, and it's unmistakably crisp out there - but that ain't no reason to put the wheels away. Infact, it's all the MORE reason to find a pack and get out there for a midnight social!

So why not get on your steed and come warm yourself up with us? Grandview Park, 11:45, this THURSDAY NOVEMBER 8TH!

Bring - lights, gloves, ideas on where YOU would like to ride, friends, and an appetite for fun, and maybe something tasty & warm to drink (I know I will).

Find out more at

AND - the NEXT mass, (THURSDAY NOV. 22) will be the two year anniversary of Midnight Mass. A small army of organ grinding monkeys is in conference RIGHT NOW planning for that one - so be ready!