Monday, November 05, 2007

Midnight Mass THIS WEEK

All right you sexy bike boys and girls.

Fall has fallen, and it's unmistakably crisp out there - but that ain't no reason to put the wheels away. Infact, it's all the MORE reason to find a pack and get out there for a midnight social!

So why not get on your steed and come warm yourself up with us? Grandview Park, 11:45, this THURSDAY NOVEMBER 8TH!

Bring - lights, gloves, ideas on where YOU would like to ride, friends, and an appetite for fun, and maybe something tasty & warm to drink (I know I will).

Find out more at

AND - the NEXT mass, (THURSDAY NOV. 22) will be the two year anniversary of Midnight Mass. A small army of organ grinding monkeys is in conference RIGHT NOW planning for that one - so be ready!