Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Silent Times

Yes - we're still riding!

There has been a dearth of posts here on the MM website of late, but don't let that fool you - we're still rolling on two wheels and in the dark every SECOND and FOURTH thursday of the month.

Last ride, we took a small posse out to the top-secret east van tree fort, and finished for late night wonton soup. Where will we ride this week? Its up to you! Come ride with us Tomorrow - Thursday, March 27th - meet at Grandview Park, ride at Midnight.


Thursday April 24th - the Midnight Mass Cherry Blossom Ride!

Vancouver is currently in the middle of it's annual Cherry Blossom Festival. While we've got nothing official to do with the festival, like most Vancouverites, we love the blossoms! Come out and ride with us for a midnight promenade to some of the city's best blossom sites. Better yet, come join up and lead us to YOUR favorite spot to take in Vancouver's character defining flora. Tell your friends, and come roll with us!


Meredith said...

I am trying to post this information to as many people that may know anything. Please forward it.
Chris the Biking penguin appears to be missing, please contact the White Rock RCMP with any information. Last seen in Portland on Sunday the 13th. We are worried.

Anonymous said...

chris the biking penguin was eaten by a runaway zoobomb. no other information on this topic is available at this time

Anonymous said...

uh i saw him last night. he was getting ready to leave either later
that night or this morning.

i think all is well.

revphil said...

what? i didn't say that!?!

false prophet!

you are not the real rev phil! you are some handsome doppleganger!

Anonymous said...

Simon! Simon! Simon! Simon!!

I have the bestest idea evah for choosing a ride route! Your head will split, I swear!!

We get 20 sided, 12 sided and 4 sided dice to determine our route. The 4 sided decides compass direction, the 20 sided determines streets to travel and the 12 sided for how long we break for.
Maybe add in the rule that, if we pass within 2 blocks of a bridge, we MUST cross it then re-roll.
I will TOTALLY supply the dice. It would be worth it!

Maybe I'll bring the stuff to the next ride (I've been away far too long) and give it a try.

Asha L.