Sunday, June 22, 2008

Get the tax man off your bike!

Liberal MP Shawn Murphy of Charlottetown has recently introduced a private member's bill to Parliament to eliminate GST from the sale of bicycles.

Opinions on the Liberal party, parliamentary democracy, and the effectiveness of private members' bills aside, take a moment to email (or write - they still take letters more seriously) your MP and express support for this initiative. Not only will it help to promote cycling as a viable from of transportation, but it might just save YOU some money!

The VACC has a great press release here:

So get typing, and get the tax man off your bike!

Oh yeah, PS, Midnight Mass this thursday - I won't be there (gotta work) but you should be!


The Derailleurs said...

is midnight mass still going on? I just moved back to Van and I am interested in meeting some other east van riders.


The Derailleurs said...

p.s. what thurs does is happen each month?